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By Josh Blanaru, Sep 3 2011 05:00PM

When you wish for me

Without a star in sight

Remember why

You’re alone tonight

Like a dream come true

I was there for you

Without a doubt in mind

Or lapse in time

When night turns to day

And there’s nowhere to hide

Forget how I feel

Swallow your pride

On your cloud of one

So careless and free

Wrapped up in yourself

I really think it’s obscene

I’d rather

Stay on the ground

And keep

Both eyes ahead

Better off without you

Just like they said

By Josh Blanaru, Aug 20 2011 05:00PM

You laugh in regret

Then try to forget

That I see inside

The place where you hide

Like the lid off a jar

You took it too far

And said the one thing

You thought I would bring

Covered in words

And dripping with shame

I thought it was you

Again shifting the blame

A game lost by a touch

When we needed so much

To be one

Now it’s done

By Josh Blanaru, Aug 20 2011 05:00AM

With eyes calm like the sea

Your words burn like the sun

On this empty shore

I have nowhere to run

Hit by a wave

I’m lost under the tide

Each beat of your breath

Makes me feel alive

The anchor in me

Couldn’t break ground

You don’t want to hold on

Or even be found

Someone steer me away

From this mess that I’ve made

I don’t want to look back

Or crash in your pain

A collection of perception, thought and emotion based on personal experience, biographical observation and extraordinary circumstance.

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