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Music has played a powerful role in my life for as long as I can remember.  One of my favorite childhood gifts was a record player, and my passion for music has since evolved into a lifestyle that I embrace wholeheartedly.  All of my experiences seem to revolve around a song or album, and certain songs can trigger memories that have sent me into inappropriate bursts of laughter at precisely the wrong times.  Conversely, music has also served as my communication liaison to express feelings and emotion when simple words would not suffice.  Some of these mixes contain songs that have provided me with optimism and perspective, even when my heart and mind could not agree on a cohesive solution.


My inevitable immersion into urban nightlife involved the following accomplices: San Francisco, a fake I.D. and some incredible music that soon became an obsession.  In fact, I based my college schedule at S.F. State University around club nights that I attended religiously every week.  Inspiring Bay Area DJs such as Page Hodel, Jay-R and Jorge Terez have infludenced my perspective to create a positive vibe and energy flow through music.  After landing in L.A. from S.F. in 2001, I bought turntables and have faithfully kept my DJ resume fresh by consistently pumping out a new mix every 3-4 months.  


I hope these mixes will inspire you to believe that life is about relationships and the “Golden Rule” always applies: to do unto others what you would have them do to you (Matthew 7:12).  Eleven City is built upon the principle that we are all equal in God’s eyes, so let the music nurture your soul and allow the positive energy to flourish.


Please enjoy the free DJ mixes and support the amazing artists represented here.


Be blessed!


Josh Blanaru :)


What is Eleven City?


Breathed from a vision of hope, Eleven City is a special and unique place where music and energy cohesively thrive.  Built upon equality and grounded in positivity, there are no limits or restrictions in Eleven City.  Everyone is welcome here – a creative intersection in space where dreams illuminate the skyline, respect is contagious, community is the common language and boundless opportunities prevail.